Steve Shepard
Visionary art reflecting the natural beauty and people of the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico
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Steve Shepard
P.O. Box 1295
Gautier, Mississippi 39553 
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Steve Shepard's work reflects a lifetime of experience in the natural world of the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, from rivers and swamps to marshes and barrier islands.  His work celebrates the natural beauty of the region and it's creatures and plants and points a sharp pencil at the things that threaten what he loves so intently.  You'll also find famous people, admired and otherwise, from Elvis to Lincoln and a liberal sprinkling of imaginative subjects, too.

You might not agree with all of the political views you encounter here, but you have to admire the free and proud exercise of our rights of individual expression as Americans.  And if you can't find something wonderous and beautiful in these images .... well then, just settle yourself on the sofa and switch on your favorite "reality tv" program.

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